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This website is literally a dream of mine coming true thanks to a really good friend and checkers supporter named Vadim. I have always wanted to improve my game and "study" checkers but could never get up the will to sit down and look at number after number to play out the games in my head or on a board. Thats why I have created icheckers.net. This website allows you to study game play by watching it played out in real time on an animated board. My hope is that this will help younger motivated players or players lazy to study like me to improve their game.

This page includes THOUSANDS of games which have been archived by checker enthusiasts over the years. Everything from Games included in books to games played in tournaments to games played online. I hope you enjoy this website as much as I do and I look forward to playing a game with you sometime.


Eric Strange

Special Thanks to the below persons who have helped me in creating this website, supplied games, or given me ideas and suggestions in order to make this site better.

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