A Little History


The following is an online checkers timeline which has input from the players who began playing at the dawn of online checkers.

1997 - 2004: Yahoo! games was created in 1997 and the world of online checkers flourished for many years. Many great players came and went. Eventually, Yahoo! checkers became home to the most dominate players that online checkers would ever see.

2000 - 2002: Vog became a driving force in the online checkers community. Players from all different game sites as well as offline tournament players would play at vog. Although its life in the checkers community was short lived, it is still talked about and considered to be one of the greatest online checkers sites in history.

2004: While Yahoo! was still the driving force in Online checkers play, a company called Playbuddy began creating programs that could play checkers in yahoo automatically. The first publicly available program to cheat at checkers in Yahoo! games. They did not stop here unfortunately, Playbuddy created programs for Pogo and other websites as well. The creation of these programs resulted in the drastic decline of online checkers. Many players quit during this time period and online checkers has never been the same.

2004 - 2012: The players who didn't quit, sought refuge at a checkers site named Kurnik. The Polish community game site was a sigh of relief to all dedicated players, and has been the driving force in competitive online checkers ever since. The best from all other play sites came to Kurnik and although the number of players were low, the skill level of these players was extremely high. Soon many offline players began using Kurnik and calling it home.

2012 - Current: A longtime dream of a checkers site made by checkers players came true. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

Notable Comments: Flyordie has always been home to a rather large amount of players. The skill level of these players are lower level to average players with the exception of a couple higher level players. This website condones using programs per their TOS which has always been a huge turn off for serious players.

MSN's Zone was a popular website used by many offline players. Zone shut down and most of the players moved on to kurnik afterwards.